How the h*ll do you even get an email newsletter?

Or share social posts so that they're getting liked, clicked, and optimized? Facebook ads? Instagram ads? What the f*ck do i do.

You don't have to figure the whole damn thing out alone. It's hard. It'

Look, we like refurbishing too, on the weekends, when we found that one dresser that could have (see: definitely) came from France in the 1800s - like, a little Baroque, but a little not? But you have to have time to do all the stripping and the polishing and the painting and then the sandblasting, or whatever it is they do on HGTV. 

With our new eyeballs, we'll be able to tell you what's working about what you've shown the world, and what could use a little "sandblasting". DIY is great until you know the power of DIT (Doing-It-Together). We'll pop the hood and make sure your main bits aren't going to give the rest of your business bedbugs.




or as others say, Writing.

Listen, Linda.

You're probably killer at what you do, whether that's shaving dogs into bonsai trees or managing startup finance teams till they're hipster-oiled, ping-pong-playing machines. Or maybe you run a little cafe with a book nook, in which case, our applications to be the friendly, bearded barista are coming to your inbox ASAP (Beard TK.)

So, as an expert in your own domain, you know that when you focus on what you're best at, unicorns appear, heavy doors open, and choirs of cherubic angels sing to your boss that you deserve a promotion. That happens when we put our fingers on our somewhat unsanitary keyboards & crank out some copy to fill your customers' heads with tales. So lets' get some killer copy started.