Your road to sales is full of stories.

Let's tell your story so everyone listens & pays


Here's the jist:

You need warm and hot leads; sign-ups and buy-ins; bios and pitches - but most of all, sales

I offer packages that help you accomplish your marketing, sales, and business development goals, as well as a-la-carte options (it takes me on average 47 and a half minutes to order take-out, so I get the indecision on a deep, guttural level). 

Not only that, but I do it in a way that speaks to your customers, speaks like your customers, and makes them trust you inherently. They'll probably be really proud of themselves for making a great decision to use your doggy daycare/lame-proof nail polish/ hipster accounting services. They'll even tell their friends about it.

My process is a deep dive into your business so that I know what your true goals are, and whether we're the right match to get'er done. Prices start at those listed below but I adjust quotes based on the info provided.

7 reasons you want a copywriter:

Smart cookie, you.

  1. You’re tired of convincing people that you’re the answer to their problems. Of not getting enough press. Of chasing sales. Of explaining what you do over and over again and walking away from all the confused looks on people’s faces. 
  2. You know your sales pages (email funnels + more) are stories that are worth telling really, really well...
  3. which is great, because the human brain is programmed to be more receptive to, engaged with, and persuaded by stories.
  4. If copy can get your clients to be curious about your product and empathic to your company, you’ll get more followers, clients, and money.
  5. You get people curious by being curious about people. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it makes Snoopy sniff around long enough to sign up to your email list. (Got’em.)
  6. Having empathy for your client is a no-brainer for me and everything for you. When I write copy, how your clients act, decide, think, care, ask, want, need, and buy informs every word. Then, it stops being about convincing them to buy something - and turns into showing them that what you have solves their problems
  7. Bartending is an aggressive initiation for storytellers like me (empathy, curiosity, gentle persuasion), and I pour a mean negroni.
I needed someone who was skilled in copy and had a fresh voice. After reviewing literally hundreds of of writers, speaking with Arina gave me the confidence that she knew what she was writing about. Arina’s creative ideas and unique voice was my favourite part of working with her. She always went above and beyond with the work that she did.
— Rumeet Billan, Founder of Jobs in Education & Viewpoint Leadership

Does your business stand out? Speak boldly? Convince clients?

What are you killer at?

Keeping your business alive and thriving, whether shaving dogs into bonsai trees or managing startup finance teams till they're hipster-oiled, ping-pong-playing machines. As an expert in your own domain, you know that when you focus on what you're best at, unicorns appear, heavy doors open, and choirs of cherubic angels sing while delivering pizzas from the south coast of Italy.

I write copy that bites. 

All that cherubic angel stuff happens when I put my fingers on my somewhat unsanitary keyboard & crank out some copy to fill your customers' heads with tales so enchanting, so persuasive, they're practically cramming money into your bank account. Good copy isn't as instinctual as people think, but it is psychological. Your customers have triggers that cause them to react to certain types of copy, placed strategically, and that isn't something your nephew can crank out for minimum wage. I have a strong focus on inbound content marketing and conversational, approachable copy because I know your customers are smart (because mine certainly are, wink wink).

Note: I work better (see: more creatively, analytically, and hilariously) in long-term business-ships, but we can start with a one-off if you're of the Tinder generation.

Working together is always inspirational. I was always more accustomed to straight 0 to 1 production. With Arina, there is a creativity process that took getting used to, but given what she produces, I now completely understand the value of it. I especially LOVE that working with her is an evolution. She doesn’t make a piece and walk away. She creates and nurtures it continuously.
— Bob Minhas, Founder of Entrepreneur House + Business Coach

I definitely don't want to brag, but uh...