Energy-driven bio & website copy for business personality


Bob Minhas has ridden the entrepreneurial rollercoaster (the vomit-inducing stress and endorphin-highs, both), and was ready to come back to teach others how to f*ck up less as a teacher (instead of a student of entrepreneurship): Bob Minhas Speaking. When we met, he was ready to take the world (and the Ontario entrepreneurial scene) by storm, h*ll, or a plague of locusts, depending on what you're scared of the most. 

I culled his sassy, high-energy personality into a killer bio; rewrote his website so that his ideal audiences would come knock-knock-knockin' on his door; and suggested tweaks that would help him unify his image.

In short, he traded in his suit for a leather jacket (or, on this occasion, a polo), and hasn't looked back.


  • personable, authoritative copywriting
  • brand consulting