Bold brand copy for enterprising women's event

Inspired to Action (I2A) is an event that educates women who are ready to leave their 9-5s and start their own small businesses. Initially, their target students weren't responding.

Was the location uninspiring? 

Was their branding off? *Their previous branding made them look like a Christmas tree. And we say that kindly, because Christmas trees are quite nice. They just don't belong at a women's entrepreneurship conference.*

Were they marketing to the wrong people?

After some serious consultations (and a lot of gleeful "OMG THAT IS PERFECT's"), the conference moved to downtown Toronto, where the event was more accessible. It's also where their new copy would speak to their direct customers, instead of simmering out in a wasteland of uninterested people.


  • market research
  • marketing consulting
  • sassy af copy for web, eventbrite, and facebook