Copy that slays for Canadian Women in Cannabis

Being asked to write the website for Canadian Women in Cannabis (CWIC) was an honour.

Nothing more, nothing less.

There's nothing that gets me more fired up than supporting women who are doing incredible things, fighting for the rights and advocacy of others, and helping to connect others—especially in a space as stigmatized, regulated, and brand-new-and-a-little-bit-scary to so many people.

I knew CWIC liked my voice, but would they like my swagger?

Turns out... HELL. YES. 

This community of forward-thinking, powerhouse women who are building an entire industry from the roots up was beyond open and willing to welcome me into the fold and let me have my way with the words that would make a difference for them. Just like they were trying to make a difference for others. 

While our project was small - to start - we made sure to capture the essence of the advocacy, community, and sisterhood that would help them build their non-profit community to blossoming. 



  • deep industry knowledge
  • marketing consulting
  • copy that made a f*ckin' splash