Who, Why + How

(Policies, legalese, and other words that rhyme.)

Who I work with

I work with people who care. People who are passionate, respectful, eager, and curious. People who are open to thinking in new ways, exploring different ways of doing things, and doing it together. Writing isn't a once-and-done process - it's a collaboration - so I work with you to not only write, but optimize the content we create. 

  • Entrepreneurs, creatives, small businesses + startups in

    • Health + wellness

    • Restaurants + food

    • Cannabis + science

    • Real estate + construction, and

    • Consumer packaged goods

  • If you're not on the above list but could use a little CC (Conversion Copy) in your lift, don't sweat. If you think I need to know about how awesome you are (and could be), contact me anyway.



Who I don't work with


  • People who think that our passion means we shouldn't get paid for our skills.

  • People who ignore our operating hours or refuse to acknowledge that businesses are run by people.

  • People with a budget of zero dollars.

  • People whose business hurts the environment, people's self-esteem (see: diets and body-shaming), and/or marginalized populations in obvious and indirect ways.

  • Political organizations.


How I work


Step 1: The Hello

  • You write me (preferably a short love letter, but filling out the contact form or booking a quickie will do). We hop-hop-hop on a quick call so that we can get a sense for who you are, your business, budget, deadlines, and problems you're looking to solve.

  • If it's a good fit, we dive deeper. Here, we're really trying to explore what's ailing you, where it hurts, and why. This is when we start laying out the scope of your project.

  • If you need more support about where your gaps are (but you're not ready to jump in yet to the writing), we can do the paid Full-Goose Brand Audit Exploration. You'll be able to apply the cost of this towards a package if we decide to work together, but if not - then you'll come out with some detailed, handy feedback to use with your team.

Step 2: The Quote

I run this through my calculation machine: inputting your expected start date, deliverables, and expectations, and book a good time to run through the quote and the proposal (either in person or Zoom). 

Once everything's agreed upon (you're raring to go, like a champ), I shimmy over the following your way to sign electronically before we get started:

  1. a contract

  2. statement of work

  3. invoice for 50% deposit

This confirms your place in my calendar, and ensures that everyone is practically overjoyed about getting to work together.

Step 3: The Research

Once all is signed, sealed, and delivered (by an owl, maybe, or just an email provider), we start sharing all the good info that'll help me reach your audience. This might include:

  • Client testimonials, complaints, chats, emails, etc

  • Existing customer research

  • Brand guidelines, internal approval processes

  • Access to your analytics & other data

  • Contacts for your design/SEO/developers

  • Contract signing over your first-born
    (Just kidding.)

Step 4: The Scribbling

I get to writin'. Here's how you can expect to see it:

  1. Quick brief: to nail your tone, voice, target personas, customer pain points, gaps and missed opportunities, and make sure (again), we're on the same page. Touch point, touch point, touch point.

  2. Laid-out draft with design: to help you envision our copy in place (if you don't have a designer/developer on board), or just the words that'll speak directly to your audience. You'll get updates (and some clarifications) as I go. I don't like being hunted so I tend to stand out in the open and make myself super visible. Like an emu.

Step 5: The Revision (& Launch!)

I either:

a) send it your way with a video explaining the 5 W's (Who, What, Where, When, Why) of what we wrote, or

b) I send it your way and talk you through my thought process on a call, as well as to ask for your questions, feedback, and revisions. All of our packages + one-offs include 1 round of revisions, and it's rare that you need more.

Once everything is up to snuff, you pay the remaining 50% and I release the copy to you so you can launch it and earn all that money. Huzzah!  

Step 6: Optimize

When enough stats come in, I go back into the copy to see where it could be tightened up so it's at its' absolute best. I'm not a magician - but I am big on keeping promises.

At this point, everybody's paid, happy, and goes home to sip on a glass of Malbec. (Or ginger ale.)