I make your customers feel (for their wallets.)

My Name is arina, I've been making people cry since the 90's.

(With words, people. words!)


Arina Kharlamova

it's like, car-la-mauve-ahHHHH

Otherwise known as "Mama Goose", aka founder of Wild Geese Creative Co. & lover of stinky cheese.


Fun facts about me you didn't ask for:

  1. I jumped off a mountain in the French Alps (to go hang-gliding) because I read Mont Blanc by Percy Shelley in university. I still haven't figured out whether the metaphor is that I would die for my writing or that I take writing to new heights. 
  2. I migrated from Moscow to Toronto with my parents when I was 6. My parents are aerospace engineers and I ended up as a poet who spends her time proving words matter with numbers and analytics. And on that note...
  3. I make words matter. I improve engagement on social media (by 1,000% for Canada's leading provider of real estate management services, and 200% for one of Canada's top universities); I triple and quadruple open & click rates in hard-to-engage industries (with serious email fatigue) like real estate, health sciences, and education; and I make people trust what you have to say & treat you like an expert.
  4. I literally make people cry. I published a couple poems in a literary magazine & at the launch party, the editor went on stage after my performance shedding some heartfelt tears. After my TEDx performance (a lifelong dream of merging poetry with music), multiple people came up to me afterwards with wet faces. I don't like making people cry, but I certainly love connecting with others so deeply.
  5. I named my dog after a Persian poet. I still get asked if Rumi is a "good housemate", but then I get to be super bougie and tell them I named my dog after one of my favourite poets. She's a ruff muse. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) 
  6. I bartended + tutored + taught art at a gallery to get through uni. Then I promoted the f*** out of myself (see: wrote love letters to a romance publisher to get the job; spoke on an huge education industry panel after being discovered on Twitter; & got techy enough to manage entire websites for various technical organizations) to build up my overall understanding of branding, marketing, and social media.
    1. Bartending was the best crash course in finding voice-of-customer research and storytelling anyone could ever get.
    2. Tutoring taught me that explaining adverbs to a 10-year-old without having a degree in education is. not. easy. But it is satisfying (because you become an expert at it).
    3. Teaching art to toddlers gave me insight into perspective. I crouched down to get on toddler-level just so I can see through their curious eyes. Then, I do that with all the words I write for your customers. Cool, eh?
  7. I'm full-brain + full-ass at life. I don't half-ass anything & my brain works in the creative + analytical sides simultaneously. Like a creepy poetry-robot hybrid, I believe that storytelling requires both art & science; creativity & logic; curiosity & proof.
  8. I thrive on fear. I believe that life is juiciest in the moments after you take the step off the cliff for the first time, and I love working with similar-minded folks who aren't scared to push the boundaries. If getting to the next level (of your business, life, whatever) requires courage, I'm stacked. And I'll make sure you are, too. 


This was my view before I walked off a g*damn cliff. Not bad. 

This was my view before I walked off a g*damn cliff. Not bad. 

Me in the USSR, lookin' a little chubbers in that "I'm a bun straight outta the oven" sorta way.

Me in the USSR, lookin' a little chubbers in that "I'm a bun straight outta the oven" sorta way.

I perform my poetry on a blue moon and only when I am werewolf.

I perform my poetry on a blue moon and only when I am werewolf.

Rumi was pretty majestic as a pup and remains the best cat-dog ever.

Rumi was pretty majestic as a pup and remains the best cat-dog ever.

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Things you might discover:

+ Nominated for National Magazine Award 2017

+ Magna Cum Laude with English + Professional Writing Double Specialized Honours

+ Published poet & spoken word person

+ Paints, binges Food Network, and accidentally kills plants in her free time


Empathy is the key to compelling stories and captivating audiences. 

I can't stop asking questions. It's like, a tic or something. 

Before, this used to get me in trouble. Now, it gets me work.

I work to understand what makes you unique - whether you're the lone wolf in a tiny town or a small nemo-looking fish in a big pond -  and help you make it into your secret sauce for your saucy af business.

I've made people laugh and cry; made them steaming mad and itchingly curious. Made them care and empathize and invest themselves emotionally into causes, products, and people. And once people are invested, the *cha-ching* is just the next logical step to the bling.

Because you don't buy into what you don't believe in, and neither do I.


I pretty much just want to co-create amazing shit with you & have everyone feel good about it, cool?



No, but, seriously.

I do my writing work to empower & grow & teach & support & uplift - not just to roll around in a bathtub fulla money. (But that's definitely a photoshoot that I'd be down for, inquiring photographers.)

That means every time you work with Wild Geese, you help girls. It's a cycle of giving back that I'm intent on creating and contributing to, because every time I empower you, you empower others. I do this because I believe that business doesn't have to be a capitalist crapshoot, and my only way of proving that is making it happen for myself and my communities.

1% of every project goes towards Plan Canada, Girls Inc., G Day and/or other women+girl focused organizations, including a rolling schedule of Kiva loans.
— Wild Geese Creative Co.

“the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting —
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.”