Turn mundane into money, 
blah into bigger clients, and
your stories into sales 

copy that gets double-takes
for women's businesses + cannabis brands

Tooth gap, bad jokes, and unending enthusiasm for helping you succeed all included in my prices.

Tooth gap, bad jokes, and unending enthusiasm for helping you succeed all included in my prices.

Let's take your why and make it popsway, and convert.

Hey, hi, hello there - I'm Arina. 
(Not Ariana, or Alina, or even Aroma, like my phone wants to believe).

I'm "mama goose" of the wild geese.


With me, you get:
A creative badass who's cheerleading your success, analyzing your dope clients, writing your bold copy, and making sure your heart + soul never leave your business.

I help founders and marketing teams (like yours!) get the clients they deserve with language that persuades the skeptical and converts the disbelieving. I blend my creativity, love of improving things, and curiosity about your clients' needs and wants into my copy like a cake batter. Yum. 


Working with me is like... 

having a bouncing board, tuning fork, and expert in using the language your clients understand - at your service. Here's how I work:


1. Brand Audit,
Private Eye

Do you have lingo that worked... 10 years ago? Because your customers are paying attention to it today.

I work with you to show you what's working about the face you've shown the world, and what could use a little buffing up. DIY is great until you know the power of DIT (Doing-It-Together). I would only trust the professionals with my taxes - why would you leave your business in the hands of an amateur?

2. Banging-Our-Heads-On-The-Wall

Creatively, of course. Others call it writing, but if you've ever tried to humble-brag before, well...  You know it doesn't come easy. But your business deserves it.

When you focus on what you're best at, unicorns appear, heavy doors open, and choirs of cherubic angels sing non-annoying Christmas songs. That's what happens when I put my fingers on my somewhat unsanitary keyboard & crank out some words that fill your customers' heads with tales and their hearts with wants, needs and musts.

3. Collabor-editing + Follow-ups

I  like working  with you because I do "community" super well. (And the show was pretty dope.)

Sure, I can crank out something beautiful + perfect from the first go-round in a dark room by myself. But I want everything to be as Goldilocks as it comes (aka juuuuust right.) Optimized with love, tweaked with perfectionism, and ready to launch. Together. Preferably with champagne, but coffee works too.


I pretty much just want to co-create amazing shit with you + have everyone feel good about it, cool?



Entrepreneurs = Social Change

I do my writing work to empower & grow & teach & support & uplift - not just to roll around in a bathtub fulla money. (But that's definitely a photoshoot that I'd be down for, inquiring photographers.)

That means every time you work with us, you help me give back to girls. It's a cycle of giving back that I'm intent on creating and contributing to, because every time I empower you, I want you to empower others. I believe that business doesn't have to be a capitalist crapshoot, and my only way of proving that is making it happen for myself and my communities.

1% of every project goes towards women+girl focused organizations, including a rolling schedule of Kiva loans.
— Wild Geese Creative co.

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